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Dogs can get arthritis, too.

With the start of the colder weather, for our older pets, that can mean the start of trouble with arthritis. Arthritis is a common condition in mature dogs with one in five adult dogs estimated to suffer from this disease.Remember it is not in a dog’s nature to complain, so often they don’t tell us when there is a problem until they are in a considerable amount of discomfort.

What are the signs?

The following are indications that your dog could be suffering from arthritis:

  • Reluctance to walk, climb stairs, jump or play
  • Limping
  • Lagging behind on a walk
  • Difficulty in rising after resting
  • Yelping in pain when touched
  • A personality change
  • Licking at affected joints

Arthritis is a disease that gets progressively worse over time. The sooner the condition is recognised, the sooner your dog can be helped.